Salmopet Salmon Oil

here High quality Salmon oil for dogs and cats

Made with 100% pure fresh Salmon, Salmopet ensures your pet receives the best quality oil available. Salmon oil is a rich source of Omega 3 that helps to maintain the health and vitality of dogs and cats.

  • Older pets who are getting a bit stiff
  • Active pets, such as agility and working pets
  • Pregnant & nursing dogs & cats; to give their puppies and kittens the best start



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How does Salmopet work on your pet?

  • For Healthy Start

    Contains Omega 3 DHA which is essential to healthy eye and brain development. Great for pregnant and nursing dogs and cats to give their puppies and kittens the best possible start in life.

    For Healthy Start
  • For Vitality

    Omega 3 oils help maintain heart health and circulation. Great for all dogs and cats

    For Vitality
  • For an active life

    Aids in mobility and health thanks to the Omega 3 EPA which helps maintain active, healthy joints. Great for active dogs and cats, and older pets who are getting a bit stiff.

    For an active life

Natural Ingredients

Salmopet contains only pure salmon oil with no additives. The salmon used to make Salmopet are taken from the fjord and processed into oil in less than 1 hour, which ensures your pet receives only the best quality and freshest oils. This method of taking the oil preserves only the important unsaturated fatty acids that benefit your pet’s health.

source link Using For The First Time?

Start with 1/3 of the recommended amount and increase gradually to the full amount within 7 days. Give once per day with food and do not exceed the recommended amount.

  • Salmon Oil

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