YuCARE Ear Drops 20ml

Gentle, antibacterial cleansing for your pet’s ears.

Antibacterial, gentle and easy to use, YuCARE Ear Drops are an easy and effective way to clean ears and tackle recurrent ear problems.

  • Unique antibacterial action
  • Gently cleans ears
  • Effective debris removal
  • Can help to reduce likelihood of infection
  • Easy to use

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YuCARE Ear Drops are an easy and effective way to clean and treat ear problems. Using the anti-bacterial properties of Silver ions to kill off bacteria and certain yeasts which cause discomfort and lead to infections. Use the YuCARE Eye & Ear Cloth to remove all debris and thoroughly clean the ear canal and to prevent further infections.

We recommend that you use with the YuCARE Ear & Eye Cloth to thoroughly clean the ear area – see more in the ‘how to use it’ section.

What makes YuCARE Ear Drops Unique?

The antibacterial silver found in YuCARE Ear Drops destroys bacteria and certain fungi on contact by disabling the enzymes necessary for their survival. This prevents the ‘nasties’ from multiplying and growing, providing a safe, natural and simple way to care for your pet.

The YuCARE range

Over the years, many of us here at Lintbells have wondered why there aren’t gentler, effective grooming and first aid products for our dogs and cats – so we decided to make our own.

By combining the natural antibacterial power of silver ions with other safe, natural ingredients, we’ve created a multi-purpose range to help you care for your pets, from nose, to toes, to tails. To see what else is in the YuCARE range simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click one of the YuCARE products.

How to use it

Use 2-3 drops of YuCARE Ear Drops in the ear. Gently massage the base of their ear for 15-30 seconds, then use the cloth to remove wax or debris. If your pet’s prone to ear problems, try cleaning every day.

Please take care: Always visit your vet if you suspect your pet may have an ear infection. Only clean the external ear area and top of the ear canal – don’t push the cloth inside the ear as you may cause pain or injury.

  • Silver ions

Got a question?

We love talking to people about their pets, and helping where we can. If you’ve got any questions about the YuCARE Range, please do call us.

We’re here Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, on 01462 416866 – or email info@lintbells.com – we’ll try to get back to you within a working day.