YuCARE Eye Spray 20 ml

Cleans, soothes and gently removes tear stains.

YuCARE Eye Spray is a gentle, effective way to clean and protect your pets’ eyes. Used daily, it reduces tear staining and can help pets prone to problems around the eye.

  • Unique antibacterial action
  • Gently cleans eye area
  • Gets rid of tear staining
  • Reduces eye irritation
  • Non-sting and easy to use

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Safe for dogs and cats! For best results on pale-coated pet’s tear stains, use with the YuCARE Ear & Eye Cloth to thoroughly clean the eye area. Regular use gently removes unsightly stains, and can help to reduce ongoing eye irritations too.

This cooling, soothing antibacterial spray can also be used to reduce the irritation caused by insect bites – just spray on the affected area.

Why is YuCARE Eye Spray unique?

This gentle spray has powerful ingredients, including natural antibacterial Colloidal Silver. The silver ions in the spray destroy bacteria and certain fungi on contact by disabling the enzymes necessary for their survival. This prevents the ‘nasties’ from multiplying and growing, providing a safe, natural and simple way to reduce tear stains and keep eyes sparkling.

The YuCARE range

Over the years, many of us here at Lintbells have wondered why there aren’t gentler, effective grooming and first aid products for our dogs and cats – so we decided to make our own.

By combining the natural antibacterial power of silver ions with other safe, natural ingredients, we’ve created a multi-purpose range to help you care for your pets, from nose, to toes, to tails. To see what else is in the YuCARE range simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click one of the YuCARE products.

How to use it

Spray a small amount of YuCARE Eye Cleaning Spray around the eye, then gently wipe with the YuCARE Ear & Eye Cloth. If your pet is prone to eye problems try cleaning every day.

  • Colloidal Silver

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