YuMEGA Horse Hoof

Specifically designed for healthy, strong hooves.

Healthy hooves are of high importance when it comes to your horse’s well-being. Poor quality hoof structure can lead to cracked and crumbling hooves, causing further problems if not dealt with effectively. YUMEGA Horse HOOF contains high purity key ingredients designed to help support healthy, strong hooves and encourages hoof growth.


*Short dated stock, expires August 31st 2016. While stock lasts.

  • Maintains hoof integrity
  • Supports hoof condition
  • Encourages healthy hoof growth



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  • Lecithin is a rich source of fatty phospholipids which help to add strength and pliability to connective tissues. These high levels help to bond the hoof wall together, maintaining hoof integrity.

  • Biotin for horses – an amino acid that has been shown to be important in the growth and repair of skin and hooves. High purity Biotin used at the level provided in the YUMEGA Horse HOOF formulation has been scientifically proven, to support hoof growth, structure and condition.

  • Zinc and DL-Methionine support keratin production – the primary component of the hoof wall structure. Using a uniquely stable form of Zinc ensures better bioavailability to support hoof growth.

  • Added natural antioxidants Vitamins C&E neutralise free radicals generated during exercise. Combined with Lysine they stabilise collagen & elastin to optimise hoof condition.

Mix the following amounts with food using the 30ml scoop provided.

  • Biotin
  • Lecithin
  • Lysine
  • Zinc

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